Delton Lee Consulting

Delton Lee Consulting creates and delivers custom software tailored to specific customer needs. Established in 1996, we strive for customer satisfaction by helping our clients meet their management goals with currently available technologies. We have developed applications from scratch and/or maintained existing applications spanning multiple industries and disciplines, including accounting, hotel management, manufacturing, and the mortgage industry. Past customers include Extended Stay America, Glassmaster Company, Hahl, Inc., The Stonewood Group, Centa Hearing Center, among many others. We'd like to add your company to our list of satisfied customers!

What We Do

Simply put, we create custom computer software. Perhaps you've used personal finance software such as Quicken that helps you keep up with your personal finances. Quicken satisfies a common need for individuals, but businesses and organizations may need to have an application to track tasks unique in its type of operation (such as loans processed or widgets produced). So, we create applications for them that will typically contain a set of data entry screens and accompanying reports based on a particular need that cannot be met with commercially available software.

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About Del

Delton (Del) Lee, III has been creating database applications for over 25 years. His educational background is in Computer Engineering with an MBA specializing in Marketing and Operations Management.

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Tools & Technologies

We utilize technologies such as Object Oriented programming, Client/Server, n-Tier design, Rapid Application Development (RAD) and other emerging methodologies and technologies. Additionally, we network on a daily basis with a developer Community that spans the entire United States and beyond. Complex issues have almost always been solved by someone somewhere, and we are not reluctant to utilize this vast resource when the need arises.

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