What We Do

Simply put, we create custom computer software.  Perhaps you've used personal finance software such as Quicken that helps you keep up with your personal finances.  Quicken satisfies a common need for individuals, but businesses and organizations may need to have an application to track tasks unique in its type of operation (such as loans processed or widgets produced).  So, we create applications for them that will typically contain a set of data entry screens and accompanying reports based on a particular need that cannot be met with >commercially available software.

The following are the components of the services we provide:

In layman's terms, this means we will gather information about the nature of your need.  We will take this information and create the infrastructure for the computer to hold the required data (ie, the database).  Finally, we will create a set of screens, reports and other supporting items to enable you to enter data and retrieve information from your system.

A typical client's needs can take many forms. In some cases, a pencil and paper system needs to be computerized so that a manual process can be made more efficient.

Another case is a simple system developed with spreadsheets that has become unwieldy due to rapid growth of operations, requiring a transition to a full blown database. In fact, a article published a past issue of the Journal of Accountancy indicated the number one concern among CPAs doing management consulting was the overuse of spreadsheets.  Spreadsheets are a great tool and certainly have their place, but the more critical parts of your management information system may need to move beyond them.

Yet another situation may be a system developed in a simple database such as Microsoft Access which needs to have a more robust design and moved to a higher performing back end. These are very typical scenarios and we can successfully deliver solutions in all of these situations.