Screen Shots


Security is a commonly requested feature in many apps.  A group of screens
and related infrastructure can be designed into an app fairly quickly and
easily.  Although it can be added after the fact, it is best to design it in from
the start.  The following are some of the screens available from the security
Click on the thumbnail for a viewable size screen shot.
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Screen Shots
This is the Security Setup screen.  Settings such as
minimum password length, number of days to force a
password change, and so forth can be set.   This
screen would, of course,  only be available to an
administrator - level user.
This is the user entry and maintenance screen.  Note
that a user can be assigned to a group, which we will
shown below.
Users can be assigned to groups which has a set of
security rights associated with it.  In this screen shot,
you see a user who is assigned to the 'DEVELOPER'
group has no access to the accounting right.  Any
screen assigned to that right would not be available
to a user in this group.
A login journal is available to show who is currently
logged in and the login history since the last login
journal purge.

Here are a few general purpose screens that are typically found in any of our
applications.  Again, click on the thumbnail for a viewable size screen shot.
This is the database utilities screen.  With it you can
perform some basic maintenance on the data files.  It
is best that this screen be limited to an administrator
level user.
This is the reports dialog, which is invoked from a
standard menu item.  Security can be applied to
reports such that users can only select and run reports
within the scope of their security rights.