About Del

Delton (Del) Lee, III has been programming  for over 20 years, the last 15 or so
creating database applications.  He has an Electrical (Computer) Engineering
degree and an MBA (specializing in Operations Management), earning both from
the University of South Carolina.  

Beyond that, he has over 10 years experience performing financial analysis in a
management role (and writing computer programs to support that function).  This
combination of education and real world experience enables Del to understand
business issues more readily,  anticipate and avoid potential problems, and
develop technically sound solutions in an efficient manner.

Outside of work, Del enjoys spending time with his family, spectator sports, and
playing golf.  He has lived in the midlands of SC his entire life.  He holds strong
Christian beliefs and is active in his local church.
Delton Lee Consulting, Inc.
About Del